With Events enabled, calendar disappears from view when changing category view

Hey @sp-jordan-violet, I’m curious what you think the desired behavior is here.

I can see a few different takes on it:

One perspective (1) is that this is behaving exactly as intended - show calendar on the “default” route, but hide it from all subroutes (including Latest). That way people don’t have to see it all the time if they are going to a specific subroute.

Another perspective (2) is this is just wrong. It should show everywhere. It’s too confusing this way. Just show it everywhere.

Another perspective (3) is that we need something like (2) - just show it everywhere - but with an additional feature in the UI to be able to hide it anywhere (some button to collapse/uncollapse the calendar, no matter where I am).

Another (4) is that we should have a dedicated /calendar route with a Calendar tab item, which should be the default. The calendar should only show up on that route, and all the topic list routes should just show topics.

Do either of make more sense to you (and what you think users on your site would expect or prefer)? Is there another option not considered that you think would be better?

If this is expected, how do you get back to the calendar view then? Shouldn’t there be a “Calendar” navigation item up by Latest and Top? It’s weird to have a view that cannot be gotten to again.

This is also sort of weird. You can’t really show a calendar view for, say, Top. You can’t reorganize the calendar! :grimacing:

Also weird, similar to my above statement. Weird to show a calendar with items in chronological order, but the events in the topic list below are in “Top” order.

This makes the most sense to me. If you look at what I did, I just removed that navigation option for Latest, Top, etc. from my events category all together so it couldn’t be selected. This would be a great option for the plugin.