Category edit dialog: default groups sometimes not translated

When creating or editing a category, the default group names (everyone, admins, moderators, staff) should be translated. However, sometimes this is not the case:

1. Create a new category Test (without changing any permission):

:white_check_mark: Group name everyone (jeder) is translated in permission list.
:x: Group names are not translated in group selection (e.g. staff should be Mitarbeiter).

2. Edit the created category Test

:x: Group name everyone is not translated in permission list.
:x: Group names are not translated in group selection, except everyone (jeder).

3. Set permissions explicitly

Same as 2.

PS: Interestingly, the trust_level group names are translated.


Here’s what I found out:

  1. The category details for the dialog comes from app/controllers/categories_controller.rb#show, which gets the permissions from app/models/category.rb#scoped_to_permissions
  2. Group names are translated in app/models/group.rb.
  3. The everyone group is a special group.
  4. The security tab in the category edit dialog comes from app/assets/javascripts/discourse/templates/components/edit-category-security.hbs and the group name is inserted here (as it comes from the controller/ajax request).

Maybe the best solution would be to have the CategoriesController return permission with two keys group_name and group_name_localized? We would probably need to make sure that group_name_localized is equal to the group_name for custom/user-created groups.


Hello, my friend,

Could you find a good solution for that?

I am also trying to translate in my page all notifications and stuff related to the “Staff” group. I could translate the name of the group, but not exactly the word “staff” in other sentences around my forum.

I hope to not lose this old thread.