Moderators don't have access to Staff category

I noticed my moderators don’t have access to the Staff category. I just installed a fresh discourse locally to test it and it still happens.

I think it’s because my Discourse got installed in German and my Staff group is actually called Team.
So I ran this in console:

staff = Category.find_by(id: SiteSetting.staff_category_id)
staff.group_names = [Group[:staff].name]

I hope this doesn’t break anything?


Hmm, no, permissions aren’t set based on the text name of the category.

I just noticed I have the same issue with the Lounge category.
I think the group_names=(names) method of the Category model should find the correct name of the group? Or change the fixtures?

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Yes, it looks like we localise the group names here:

But then set category permissions using the unlocalised group name here:

I think this could do with some improvement


Oh dear, I didn’t realize we were using the string names rather than the numeric codes. I wonder why we haven’t seen more complaints about this for Discourse instances in other languages?


I’ve seen the same (or similar?) bug running Discourse in Czech and thought it was a random glitch related just to a single user. It went away after I temporarily turned the moderator into an admin and back IIRC, so I did not bother reporting it.