Category for Threads with zero replies?

Hi there,

I really have search all topics and stuff but I did not find an answer.

Is it possible to have an “Zero-Reply Category”? Within this category we should have all topics from all (or selectable) categories which have no replies.

I mean replies, not answers- I found a plugin for topics not being marked as answered. But not for no replies.

I know there is a URL parameter which I could use: https://f.q.d.n/c/category?max_posts=1 which is fine.

But could I have a category which will show these topics? Or at least do I have a chance to ping the above link somwhere in Discourse so every user will see it?




These two theme components may be of substantial use for you, if you’re ok with putting the link you described above in the header:

Alternately, you can choose to put that link in the hamburger menu where it’s a little less conspicuous by use of this theme component: