Category for Threads with zero replies?


Hi there,

I really have search all topics and stuff but I did not find an answer.

Is it possible to have an “Zero-Reply Category”? Within this category we should have all topics from all (or selectable) categories which have no replies.

I mean replies, not answers- I found a plugin for topics not being marked as answered. But not for no replies.

I know there is a URL parameter which I could use: https://f.q.d.n/c/category?max_posts=1 which is fine.

But could I have a category which will show these topics? Or at least do I have a chance to ping the above link somwhere in Discourse so every user will see it?



(Vinoth Kannan) #2

(Nichalas Petranek) #3

These two theme components may be of substantial use for you, if you’re ok with putting the link you described above in the header:

Alternately, you can choose to put that link in the hamburger menu where it’s a little less conspicuous by use of this theme component: