Category group control: How to choose ALL from droplist after you deleted it?

When you make a new category you have these default settings


If you trash that ALL setting - you are not able to choose that again?


You should be able to? Is it higher in the list/does it show up if you start searching for it?

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Did you make any code changes?

Anyway - after a update it now seems like I can choose it. For some reason it is now in english…?


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No code changes. Though I did flip it to Dansk and then run Jobs::EnsureDbConsistency from my /sidekiq/scheduler page to speed up the group name translations.

Hopefully yours should change back to ‘Alle’ next time the job runs now it’s turned back up. :crossed_fingers: You could check to make sure there are no users or other custom groups with the same name that might be conflicting with it, as it won’t allow two-of-the-same.

I mark the topic solved!

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