Category Hider Theme Component

Hi all, I’ve created a simple theme component. I hope this could be of use for some!

This is a theme component that allows you to hide specific categories from either the hamburger menu or category boxes.

Why would you need this component?
If your discourse website has a lot of categories and you would like to hide some from appearing in either the menu bar or on the main page, this component can be helpful.


Preview of Hamburger Menu: Before → After

Settings Menu:

More details on how to use this theme component and installation instructions are available at the component’s GitHub repository.


This looks pretty cool, but what advantage does it give you over muting a category?


Correct me if I’m wrong, but from what I understand is that when I mute a category it basically means no notifications? :thinking: When I tried muting a category it still appears in the hamburger menu and category boxes.

This theme component is more of a stylistic change. It hides desired categories visually, but still keeps notifications and all other functionality for the category intact.

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This only occurs (I think) if the user has a topic in one of those categories that is unmuted.

Your component would prevent that occurring, which could be helpful in situations where you really want to suppress the category and keep things tidy.


Hey keegan,

this component looks exactly like something we need in the future. Our use case is very specific in which we want to hide sub-categories from one specific parent category.

In combination with the code snippet from here this might achieve exactly what we are looking for:

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