Is there a way to remove the Feedback category from homepage but NOT from Hamburger Menu?

It is possible to remove the Feedback category (or any other category), from homepage but NOT from Hamburger Menu? I do not want to delete the category, I just do not want the category to display on the homepage.

Any help would be deeply appreciated. Thanks in advance,

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There are two admin settings you can use to do this, default navigation menu categories, which is the list in the navigation sidebar menu, and default categories muted, which will mute them on the main category page.

but keep in mind, that users can change their own navigation sidebar menu categories in their preferences.


Thank you, @Lilly, however, after applying those settings, only the “Feedback” category is muted, (faded, but still displays). I don’t use a side menu navigation on my site.

I do have a DOCS link at the top of the screen that is a component that offers the “Documents” is a completely different format, (which I like for the Documents), but I just do not want the big Feedback and Documents buttons to display on the homepage. Is there a way to prevent them from displaying that you can think of? Again, I have implemented your suggestions, but they did not work. I believe that the big Documents button still displays because it has sub-categories. Even if I delete the component that displays the categories like this on the homepage, the still display in a different layout.

Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated, @Lilly.

did you try it as a non-admin user?

Yes, I have a test.account user and as an Admin, I clicked on the “Impersonate” button for that user, and the screenshot that you see if from impersonating the test.account user.

hmmm, looks like you are using Modern Category + Group Boxes which is part of the Air theme - I’m not sure, but there may be theme/theme component settings affecting what is going on there. :thinking:

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I am using the Modern Category + Group Boxes component and using the “Material Design Theme”. There may be a theme component issue that prevents me from removing the category, which is why I had previously deleted the “Modern Category + Group Boxes” component, but again, the categories still appeared on the homescreen.


There is also category hider theme-component


yea I think that should work for his use case :+1: good idea.


I greatly appreciate the help, but this component does not work at all. Regardless of the settings entered, (or even theme used . . . I even tried the 'Light" theme"), and still no changes whatsoever to either the hamburger menu or the category boxes displayed on the home page.

Can anyone verify that this component works?

I got it to work but I didn’t try with the modern category + boxes component. you may have conflicts with that component, and have to resort to using CSS or making a custom theme component to hide them.

I tried it with and without the Modern Category + Boxes component to no avail. I think I’ll need to rethink my approach. I REALLY like the DOCS link at the top of the screen, and only want people to gain access to the Documents from that link. I’m using the “Material Design Theme”, and really don’t know where to go from here. At this point, I’m not looking to get the Category Hider Component to work for me, I guess I’m just trying to figure out another solution or option.

By default Modern Category + Group Boxes shows all categories.
If you have at least one category specified in theme settings, it will only show the selected categories. If you have any categories specified, it will also add a header. This header can be removed by just settings its name to “” (blank).

In this example I’ve only added videos:

The settings for the theme component are found by clicking your profile in the top-right → Profile icon → Preferences → Admin → Customize → Components → Modern Category + Group Boxes

If you’d rather hide the categories with css, something like this will work in a theme component. Replace “videos” with the name of the category you are wanting to hide:

.category-box-videos {
    display: none !important;

To create a theme-component go the the same Components place in admin settings, Install → Create New → Name the component & click create. Then you can Edit CSS/HTML. Make sure to select the name of your active theme under Include component on these themes.


Gotta love CSS! That did the trick! Thank you so much!

.category-box-documents {
    display: none !important;

.category-box-site-feedback {
    display: none !important;

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