Category homepage as default?

You mean the top menu site setting?

Hey guys,

I would like to edit our discourse channel as to make the categories the default for the homepage, just like here:

Currently, the default for the home page is “Latest”.

How can I do that?


Re-run the wizard ( and choose Categories and Latest Topics.


Thank you! It worked.

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Can you elaborate?

I am about to use the strategy mentioned here which is to set the default homepage to Categories (I assume by re-ordering that list, which is a little confusing), but then setting the Logo to link to Latest. This enables new users to encounter the Categories, but generally to after that be encountering latest.

If this is to be removed, can you explain how we could address the given concerns? Or link to discussion about this.


That global setting is still active however it’s more simple if you choose the homepage when you run the wizard the first time (and subsequently). Whether the setting is hidden or not for you is irrelevant (you can always use the wizard).

You can certainly change the link to the logo.

I also want to remember you that now the users can choose the default page from the preferences on the user profile:



Has there ever been any thought to having a different homepage layout for desktop and mobile? Or, as a new user, have I simply not found a setting which does this?

I have toyed with the idea of having the desktop come up in category - latest mode, if only there was a way to have the mobile default to just show latest.


There is also a theme component to force the mobile homepage to be different from desktop:

but remember that your users will not be able to override this change from their users profile.


This did the trick for me, thanks!

As I said before there is a theme component for that


Great! Thanks for pointing me to this setting.
@codinghorror I would miss this setting if removed… why would you?

I have just switched my site to category view. Stays that way for the user until the user logs in, when it becomes the latest view.

Is there a way to force all users’ preference to the default view on a one time basis? May be an sql command to run?


The user can override this via /my/preferences/interface – note where it says “Default Home Page”

Yes, thanks. But it is hard to educate the users, in our type of forum.
A command to update one time will be very useful.

I did this today to use with the Kanban Board Theme Component.


Thank you. Looks like this will take away the ability of the user to change his preference?

I would like to do a one time update and then let the user change it per his/her preference. Thoughts please?

I will answer my own question, based on a little experimentation.

This command from rails c resets the home page view preference of all users to site default.

UserOption.where("homepage_id IS NOT NULL").update_all(homepage_id: '')

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Right. I forgot that feature when I did this, and the problem I was solving was making a single category the home page. Your change of all user settings may be what you want, but if you want to change for all users why not just change the value globally? I must not be reading carefully enough.

If you are meaning the site setting on the front end by ‘global change’, I found that the site setting change does not override the user preference if they already have updated it .
Resetting any user’s preference back to NULL makes it align to site default. I hardly had anyone who had a user preference though, which was interesting.