Category Intersections

A simpler way of describing what’s being asked for here is that this would essentially mean supporting intersection pages for categories, same as we already do for tags:

So just like we’re currently able to do this with tags:

This feature request asks for the ability to do something like this with categories:

although ideally the category intersection wouldn’t need to be defined by a series of categories listed in the URL, but rather a single identifier:{custom-name}

There’s not a strong use case for it here on Meta, but could really use this for their “Other Languages” category. That’d allow them to use sub-categories for each of their language categories, while still being able to bundle those language-specific categories together.

The Rust community could possibly merge their users and internals forums, which would be a big win.

Doing this properly does involve more UX work than the tags equivalent though.


Isn’t what you’re describing a category union rather than intersection?

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Categories are not intersectional like tags are though. Strong walls versus flexible, can apply to multiple things simultaneously, tags.