Category is missing from latest

I’ve search the forums and did not find anything that allowed me to resolve my issue.

TL;DR - a single category is missing from the /latest listings.

System Info
Have a self-hosted discourse instance at v3.0.5 that I’ve inherited. It appears to be using the Material Design theme, Dark, and a custom theme. The following plugins are installed: chat, styleguide, and discourse-oauth2-basic.

The issue
When viewing the latest (/latest), topics from one of our categories is missing. If I manually navigate to the category, I can then view “latest” for that single category. I’m trying to understand/debug why topics in this single category are not showing up in /latest and how to get them to appear.

What I’ve tried

  • I’ve checked the default categories muted setting and made sure the category has not been added (no categories have been added to this setting).
  • Checked the mute all categories by default setting and made sure it is not enabled
  • remove muted tags from latest is enabled so I’ve checked the default tags muted; no tags are selected for this setting.
  • Checked the settings for the category itself. I don’t see anything in its settings that would indicate it should be hidden or removed from /latest
  • also made sure my personal account doesn’t have the category muted under Preferences–> Notifications → Categories

I’m not sure where else to look or what setting I’ve overlooked. Any suggestions?

Is there more than one topic in that category? The default “about the xxx category” topic is always hidden from latest.

You could also try safe mode if you did not already.

Yes. I believe the number next to a category when viewing categories is topics + posts, but it shows 192. In addition, I can go to the categories page and view latests and see all the latest topics in the category.

Was not aware of safe mode. Thank you for the suggestion. Just tried it and i still am unable to see any topics from the category in question under the root /latest listing.