Category missing (only showing posts per month) when not logged in

Hi there, I’m an admin for this forum

One of the main categories “Contribute” appears when I am logged in as normal

But when I check on an incognito window, the category is missing except for the posts per month counter. Checked in Chrome, Edge and Firefox

Categories have a fixed order so I know it should apear in that space

The category itself as well as all of categories inside are set to be visible to everyone

The discourse version is 2.8.0.beta2 and unfortunately I don’t have access to update it so if possible it would be great to find a solution that solves the problem before updating

I think it may be a theme component or a plugin interfering with your homepage. If you check your site out in safe mode ( the contribute category is visible for anons.

Have you got anything in your theme/theme components/plugins that seems like a likely candidate?


Have you checked the category permissions to see who can see that category?

Hmm it seems to be a theme component. The only thing we have active in themes is “Header” by “Marcuss”
Any ideas on how to repair it?

Edit: I thought Markuss was a theme author but it seems to be a member of our community.
I had a look at the CCS and am not really versed enough to diagnose the issue. Perhaps I will just try a different header theme component

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