Existing category invisible on page but visible when re-ordering categories

Good day

My name is Wim and I’m brand spanking new to working with Discourse; pleae forgive me if my terminology is incorrect. I’ve been asked to re-organise an existing forum hosted by Discourse. The forum was designed in cooperation with Discourse and (in case relevant) uses a tailor-made theme and some dedicated components designed by Discourse.

The work would be to add new categories, merge some categories/topics into new categories, get rid of some categories etc. and I’m doing this in a staging environment.

While working on it as an admin (not a user), I noticed that I somewhere along the line lost a main category (including its sub categories and sub-sub categories). However, when I go to re-order the categories, I can see the category at the expected place. There are over 220 categories / sub categories.

Is there something obvious that I’m missing. I tried to find limitations in settings in the admin panel and some other places but did not manage straight away. Googling and searching on this forum did not (immediately) reveal anything, but that might be due to incorrect search terms.

Assistance where to look would be appreciated; let me know if you need more info. And yes, stupid me did not make a backup before I started :cry:

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Hello and welcome @sterretje :slight_smile:

Did you Mute it by any chance? That would hide it from your Latest list. If you navigate to that category manually you can change the notification level using the bell icon, or go to your /preferences/tracking page and remove it from the box there.



Sorry for posting in the wrong category; I will try to figure out more suitable categories in the future.

What does ‘manually’ mean? The home page (if it’s called that) in admin mode should look like

Category A
    Category A1
    Category A2
    Category A3
    Category A4

Category B
    Category B1
        Category B11
        Category B12
    Category B2
    Category B3
    Category B4
        Category B41
        Category B42

Category C
    Category C1
        Category C11

Category D
    Category D1
    Category D2
    Category D3
    Category D4

But category C does not show there. If it was muted, I can imagine that less privileged users can’t see it; I’m an admin so should be able to see it and navigate to it. Am I missing what your trying to say?

OK, I found a way to access the category C.

  1. Create a new topic and select the category (or sub category) where to post the topic. I can select category C → category C11. Next I can submit.
  2. On the home page, click “Latest”, the topic is visible and after opening it and can navigate to Category C.

Not sure if I can do anything from there?

Category C however still does not show on the home page after this

Even an admin can mute a category and doesn’t see it on listings. You have muted category, very last one — is it there or not?

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That is unexpected.

Sorry for being stupid but where?

What I see on the home page are the categories A (plus subs), B (plus subs) and D (plus subs). Just in case, the question is about categories, not about topics.

Maybe I’m looking at the wrong spot but there are no muted categories under settings

For example here:

Actually not. An admin is an user too, and has rights to adjust what to see i.e. on /latest

I reckon you are now mixing security settings and muting.

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Can you post a pic of the home page? Are you maybe using a theme-component that orders the homepage? ir Modern category boxes?

You mentioned a custom theme so you may have a component active that manipulates main page

“Muted categories” is not where you show me.

Then muting isn’t your issue (and now you know where muted ones can be found :wink: )

OK, so what is :wink: I will keep on digging.

Earlier I described a way to access the category. It’s actually even easier using the category dropdown; something that I don’t use as a normal user; it’s there.

Thanks for the help; learned something :wink:

It gets more interesting. I did not think that it would be relevant hence it was not mentioned.

When changing the page layout to “boxes with subcategories”, “boxes with featured topics” or “subcategories with featured topics”, the invisiable ategory shows its face.

Is this a pointer to something where I can look?

The initial category was “categories with latest topics” and I changed it to “categories only”; I suspect that it went ‘invisible’ :frowning_face: But going back to “categories with latest topics” still doesn’t show the invisble category.

Just to double-check, if you go to the category do you have the bell option set to anything other than Muted?

Another thing to check is whether it shows up for other people or not. If you use a private window or a test user can they see it on the category page?

Safe mode is another good fault-finding tool, in case a theme component or plugin may be having an effect somehow.

If you can share a link to your forum we may be able to see something (either publicly or by PM is fine :slight_smile:)


There is one other user (also an admin) that currently can access the staging environment. I will try to create a “normal” user.

Thanks for that tip. Will see if it reveals something.

At this moment, one has to login; I doubt I’m allowed to open it up for you.

Thanks for staying with me.

That was the pointer; if I disable the theme the missing category shows. Now for me (or Discourse) to figure out what happened.

Just to complete this:

There was a “custom” component that hides read-only categories. And the specific category was set to read-only :frowning: Disabled the component and everything was fine :smiley:

Although I think that I have a keen eye for detail, I’ve learned the lesson to even pay more attention.


Yet useful. I administrate an international forum with several subcategories in foreign languages I can’t read (other moderators can). I muted them so it wouldn’t make the topic list noisy for me. And if there’s any issue with the content of one of these categories, other staff members can take care of it :slight_smile:

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