Category name not showing up in email notifications since upgrade

Hi all,

I upgraded Discourse to v2.5.0.beta2 a week ago, and since then category names are not showing up in email notifications, just the site name in brackets. This is getting very confusing for my users.

I checked the subject line setting and it’s unchanged (currently set at: [%{site_name}] %{optional_pm}%{optional_cat}%{topic_title}))

Is this a bug? Is there a default setting that’s changed somehow?



I’ve had emails in the last few hours on 2.5b2 with category in the subject name, so I don’t think it’s a bug specific to the beta. email_subject in settings is set to [%{site_name}] %{optional_pm}%{optional_cat}%{topic_title}.

Let’s rule out a configuration issue or plugin compatibility before we write it off as a #bug

Was the second ) in the above a typo? or does a ) appear in your site setting?

Are there any plugins installed on the site?

Per the other reports of this, there’s a bug where title-only email customizations may not behave as expected, as I recall? It’s expecting the body AND the title of the email to both be customized.

A typo indeed!

Yes, I’ve got discourse-data-explorer, discourse-plugin-site-setting-override (for max post length), docker_manager, and a custom job to tack on users’ bios to their post (long story). I don’t think the latter one touches the subject at all. I can try to disable and see if it makes a difference.



Where’s the body being customized with this issue?

You need to make sure you are on absolute latest Discourse beta code. I think this was fixed recently but I’m not sure. The other workaround is to edit both the body and the title of the email.

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Thanks, doesn’t look like it’s fixed as of today, but will keep an eye out.