Category not showing on homepage for one user

Hi all, I’m trying to troubleshoot this and a bit stumped.

I’ve got a user who is member of a group that has permission to access to a category and its subcategory. She can access those categories, read, post, etc. But she can’t see that category on the homepage (or /categories page). Posts from those categories also appear in the latest, new, unread, top views.

This isn’t happening for me, but I have impersonated her as a user to test and can verify it.

I have checked permissions and other settings.

I have removed her and re-added her to those groups.

Would there be a way a user could have (accidentally?) selected this as a preference?

Anything I can look for next?


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I’d say muted category ?


If she changed her preference for that category to Muted that will cause it to not show up. After impersonating her, go to the category and look at what she has at the bottom left to see if it’s set to Muted. If so, change it to Normal, Tracking or Watching. She can always reset it to whichever preference she wants. Since it’s only this one user having the problem, that is most likely the cause.

Edit: Doh! I just realized @Benjamin_D suggested the category being Muted. :man_facepalming:


Appreciate the response! I suspected that also and double checked last night. Unfortunately it wasn’t the case - she had no categories muted.

One thing is she described it as intermittent. Some days it’s there, other days it’s not. Today it’s back – though I did remove and add her to the group, change, save, change back, and resave the permissions, so I don’t know if there was a direct relationship there.

I asked her to let me know if it disappears again. :crossed_fingers:

For now, it is still a mystery! :male_detective:

But I will update this thread once the trail heats up again!


Ok, disappeared again.

Any other troubleshooting ideas? I am a bit baffled.


In the user’s preferences under Interface, what does she have set as the Default Homepage? If she’s got it set to New and the category in question has new posts it will appear. If there are no new posts, it won’t appear. That may explain why it sometimes appears and other times it doesn’t. If that’s the case, switch it to Latest.

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Thanks Jim. Sorry for the delay, this got by me. I checked it out and it’s set to Categories.

I can’t wait to find out what dumb, simple thing is causing this. :stuck_out_tongue:

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For the category in question, have her check that category and at the bottom left, see what she has it set to. If she sets it to Watching, she should be notified of every new post and a count would appear next to the category name. Also check any sub-categories in that… but one should be able to mute a sub-category without it affecting the main category (I would think). Other than if the individual category preference is changed, I’m sort of at a loss. :grimacing:

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Yeah, this seems like a good intermediary fix.

When I see another clue, I will post here.