Muting categories hides them. Muting subcategories should too

If I mute a category, it (appropriately) hides it from the Categories list. I like this behavior (as do my users) because it lets users opt-out of uninteresting discussions.

How-to muted

However, muting subcategories does not behave the same way.

Here, I have sysadmins and devs muted because I am neither, and all that jargon is alien to me.


Subcategories should behave the same way as categories do; disappear from the categories page when muted.

With a lot of users like ours, with very intense but varied interests, they have expressed a lot of desire to hide categories they aren’t interested in to make navigating the Categories page easier and less cluttered.

I also support the expected behavior of muting/watching a category muting/watching its subcategories unless specifically unmuted. See here and here.


This to me looks like a bug in “mute” we should be suppressing these categories on that screenshot.

@kris.kotlarek can you investigate a fix here?


Quick update! This is working great on desktop, but the fix didn’t seem to apply to mobile. Report from user:

Unfortunately, subcategory muting still shows all the subcategories on mobile view. Or at least it still does for me on my android phone in Chrome and Firefox mobile.


Here’s my view of the genres category on desktop – as you can see, I’ve muted all the subcategories except for fantasy.

But all the subcategories I’ve muted still show for me on my mobile phone. :c
So unmuting the ‘regions’ category to show only my home region on the main forums page (while manually muting all other region subcategories) doesn’t work on mobile, which is where I spend about half my time on the site.


Thanks for testing! @kris.kotlarek will get this sorted


The joys of a robust user base. They find issues fast.


Hey Heather,
Thank you for telling us about that bug, it is fixed. NaNoWriMo is deployed to the latest version so mobile users should not see hidden categories anymore :slight_smile:


Excellent, thank you SO much for both fixes!