Category Posts Not Showing Up

We have a category where posts are not showing up in Latest/Unread/New and the category is not showing in our list as well. We can see the posts through search. We’ve looked at all of the settings but we don’t see anything different in the settings. What should we do to try to fix this? Thanks!

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Is the category listed in your default categories muted site setting? If so, that will prevent it from showing up in the latest topic list for any users who have not overridden the setting on their profile page. Muted categories are also not shown on the Categories page.

If the category is not in your default categories muted site setting, it would be worth looking at the category preferences page for a few of your users to see if it has been added to their muted list.

Muted categories can be unmuted for all users by updating the default categories muted site setting.


Is there a category setting to set all categories to default-normal? Essentially blocking this mute setting? 1/2 of sub categories are missing in the index now, users don’t know what’s going on, and overall it’s confusing.

All the defaults for category muting are a site setting default categories muted.

I don’t want them muted, I want them all set to normal by default.
Which of these settings would allow that?