Category pulldown search does not show subcategories

Is there any way to make this search work, to make it possible to go straight to a sub-category? Select “all categories” pulldown, then type in “voting” to find and go to the #plugin:voting category.

This does work - select “all categories” pulldown, type in “plugin” to find and go to the #plugin category.

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Seems more like a feature request to me than support.

It would be possible, although I’m not sure that would be the best solution. This would be confusing to have subcategories showing in both dropdowns. I would be more in favor to mix them in only one dropdown like we do for {{category-chooser}}

@awesomerobot @neil do you have thoughts on this?


I found myself searching for “translations” in the category dropdown, and then realized that it’s a subcategory. Adding the search field in that dropdown makes it intuitive that I should be able to find subcategories, like the composer’s category input. Maybe only show subcategories when searching?


This is all I’m asking about. It seems chien bizarre to me that categories you know exist don’t show up in the pulldown search, especially when you’re on the frontpage and all you see is category and tag pulldowns.

I’m not asking for an overhaul of the category/subcategory/tag pulldown interface.


I just don’t see any reason to keep the second dropdown if we do this. So this is fixing your issue, good, but if we could keep the whole thing coherent that would be better.


The second filter is needed to select all/none when looking at a parent category.

Looking at Envato, which has very strong walls between it’s parent categories, I like how it’s currently working:

Search field only appears in the subcategory dropdown. One unified category dropdown wouldn’t be good there… So now I don’t know what to think.

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Perhaps a site preference?

We could definitely do with combined parent/subcategory search on:


I don’t think we should do away with the sub-category pulldown that appears when you enter a category. If you have alot of sub-categories in a category, maybe the sub-category pulldown should also provide a search (or maybe it does - haven’t tested) showing results only from the category they are in.

But on the main category pulldown search it says “all categories”, so it’s weird that only the top level categories show up there. Not seeing results from all categories feels broken, and it greatly diminishes the convenience of the feature.


Another point of info - the category dropdown when choosing the category for a topic does include sub-categories. It seems sensible and intuative to me for the category pulldown search to match this functionality.



This issue came up today on a site I admin. It is indeed a UX inconsistency to fail to see an expected [sub]category from a pulldown labeled “all categories”.

A site_setting to match the topic category chooser would be a nice fix.

@D8vid, this topic is quite old, and the category dropdown does now include subcategories when searching. What exactly do you want the site setting for?


A site_setting for an option to include subcategories in this pulldown, matching the UX of the pulldown in the topic category chooser, would be nice. When users click/tap a pulldown marked ‘all categories’, to not actually see all categoires listed results in minor UX confusion (not all users will notice or use the search).


Sorry to bump this topic, but I stumbled across this when searching for it on this forum.

Is there a setting now to show sub-categories in the drop-down? People just don’t find sub-categories because only the 1st level is shown.
Or is there a plugin?

I really appreciate any solution that makes this possible.