Missing subcategory dropdown for subcategories if all muted

In our discourse we’re using muting of all categories by default, leaving the users to unmute those categories of their interest. We recommend everyone the main /categories page to find all the categories.

However the issue is that if one wants to see the sub-categories of a given first-level category in that parent category page, one often does not find the subcategory dropdown:

This is not always the case, since sometimes I can see the dropdown even if all the subcategories are muted → I cannot really find a pattern why.

There is a way to show the dropdown without unmuting the subcategories though: one can unmute the parent category and then the dropdown appears:

To me this seems more like a bug rather than a feature? Is there any way to always show the subcategory dropdown?

@trobiyo, fyi.


Hey Arthur,

Are there specific permissions in the security settings of some of the subcategories?


No, we don’t have anything category-specific there.

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Priority/Severity: Medium. It’s not a critical issue, but certainly inconvenient for users trying to navigate through categories.

Platform: Desktop

Description: The issue with the dropdown for subcategories. When the parent category is muted, the dropdown that allows users to see subcategories doesn’t always show up. It’s a bit strange because sometimes the dropdown is visible even if all the subcategories are muted. Now, if we unmute the parent category, the dropdown pops up without any issue. Ideally, we should be able to see the dropdown regardless of whether the parent category is muted or not.

Reproducible Steps:

  1. Head over to the categories page.
  2. Choose any parent category and mute it.
  3. Check out if the dropdown for its subcategories is showing up or not.
  4. Now, unmute the same parent category. You’ll see the dropdown appearing.

I can also replicate this:


Is this a regression or what this always the case?

At least for our instance which is up since 1.5 years this seems to always have been the case.

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