Category selection drop-down out of order

When creating a new topic (or editing a topic title) shouldn’t the order of categories drop-down field match the order in /categories? And shouldn’t sub-categories be listed under their parent?

If so, this isn’t working. The categories in the drop-down next to title seem to appear in some type of random order. Subcategories are also in “random” order as well, so it’s not clear that they’re related to a parent.

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It depends, there are different places – have you set an explicit order, or not?

We only respect explicit orders on the /categories page at the moment. The idea is that when users are creating topics, they need to see the categories in order of what is actually popular and populated with topics, so they know which categories are the most likely fit.

We haven’t fully normalized a lot of the places where categories appear yet, simply because it’s a somewhat rare complaint.

There are at least 4-5 topics on this already, so I’m going to close this one.

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