Category-Specific Moderators, phase 2 RFC

(Jason May) #1

Category Administration Pages

Similar to the Admin Dashboard, but information restricted to a single category.

  • Users:Active, :New, :Suspended and :Blocked pages would only show users with access permission for that category
  • Users:Mods page would only show other moderators for that category

Category Moderator UI

  • Moderator gets a new “Moderator” button in their Profile page header
  • new Category Moderation page at /users/{username}/moderation
  • moderation page shows all moderated categories, listed alphabetically,
    with a summary stats block for each. Each block links to a per-category
    moderation page.
  • new Per-Category Moderation page at
  • design TBD for the per-category moderation page: would be nice to put as
    much info on a single page as possible

Additional Category Moderator privileges

  • view activity log within the category
  • block users from posting within a category
  • receive and act upon notifications for flags (in the category)
Category-Specific Moderators, phase 1 RFC
Moderation queue tools are needed
(Robin Ward) #2

It doesn’t exactly match this RFC, but we have made some baby steps towards allowing categories to be moderated. Right now if there are flags / queued posts, a particular group can review them: