Category Group Review/Moderation

:mega: There have been many changes to this feature since first released. Check out Category Moderator Improvements for the latest details.

In the latest builds of Discourse I’ve recently merged a feature that some forums have been asking for some time now, the ability for regular non-staff users of a group to moderate and review content in specific categories.

How to Use

  1. Enable the enable category group moderation site setting. It’s default to off.
    The site setting was called enable category group review on earlier versions of Discourse. If you can’t find enable category group moderation in site settings, try searching for the old setting name.

  2. Edit a category, and click Settings. Under the Moderation section you’ll have the ability to add a single group.

    Note this is a current limitation of the category review that only one group can be granted review access per category as it makes the design of the feature much simpler with higher performance. If none of your existing groups are a good fit you can always create a new group just for this specific purpose.

  3. Members of your group will now see the Needs Review section in the header, with a count of the items they can review. They can go into the queue and review queued posts and flags.

The feature is brand new so I’d expect some bugs until we polish it. Please provide feedback and I’ll address it quickly!


If I have one group that I want to allow to moderate all of my forum’s categories and subcategories, is there a way to set that in one place? Or do I have to go into the settings of each category and subcategory to assign that group to moderate that category and subcategory?

Or, is it possible for a group that’s assigned to moderate a category to automatically be able to moderate all subcategories of that category? Thanks!

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At this time you’ll need to add the group to each category and sub-category you want them to moderate. There is no global setting, nor does moderation of a parent category apply automatically to sub-categories.


You’re in luck!

Category moderators can now

  • close/archive topics
  • add/remove staff notes
  • edit the category description

There may be more changes actively in the pipeline, not 100% certain. An #feature:announcements topic with the changes is in the works too.


Could we please have an updated top post with each of these newly added features spelled out.

Also worth noting groups have the ability to manage their own smtp / imap email settings in a future update to Discourse, as mentioned here.

Could be worth adding a group moderation team to the /about page in regards to particular categories (permissions of the group permitting). They would be listed below the other @staff if this made sense. Right now I see the @admin and @moderators listed there.

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Isn’t that already the case? I see #support Moderators listed here on Meta.


@jomaxro we see nothing

James asked about the /about page: If you scroll past the admins (we have a few), you’ll see the support moderators.

If you want to see it above the category, I’d love to see a mockup.


a few ? you call that a few? hahahahhahahaha :wink:


It is displayed in About - Discourse Meta

I think that you are asking for a new feature, and one that I’d like too:

Show Category Moderators and Category Group access in the /c page

It would be very helpful to have these easily viewable by people who have permission to see the category. It would be similar to the /about page, but display category specific info instead.


@jomaxro mockup as requested


Thanks Gavin. What if a category has more than a few moderators?


how about something like this as it exist already, just need a bit of change


Great to know these peeps Group Moderators (as opposed to Moderators) already exist on /About. Is there anyway way to confirm who is which? I cannot tell on the Meta about page.

I’m curious because our forum does not specifically need Moderators, but we are hoping to have Group Moderators. Thanks for any further pointers!


Yeah, it makes it pretty obvious. Gets busy if you have moderators for multiple categories though.


Just wanted to confirm I understand this feature and its limitations correctly.

If I want members of a certain group (who are not site-wide moderators) to be able to delete posts, the (only viable) workflow would be:

  1. Someone would flag a topic or post in a category where said group has moderation rights.
  2. Group member goes to review queue and opens flag details
  3. Group member then chooses to “Delete” the post/topic.

Was hoping for something simpler ICIMI, but this will do in a pinch if need be. Thanks!


Yes. For actions other than delete, the category moderators can perform it right away:


Currently normal moderators can set the moderators inbox to “Watching” the topics. In this case they are able to receive emails about posts ended up in the queue awaiting approval (based on the notify about queued posts after site setting).

For category moderators, however, this is not possible. They receive the red notification on the site, but they will not receive any emails notifying them that there are posts in the queue.

Receiving emails as well as onsite notifications could encourage the use of category moderators instead of normal moderators.


Does that mean that this is a deliberate choice (not to notify category moderators by mail)? Category moderators are a useful role, different from normal moderators and I’d be interested about the rationale for depriving them from mail notifications. It makes them work more difficult because they have to either manually check on a regular basis or hack a notification system on their own.

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