Category with restricted tags now required for admins?

I have many categories with restricted tags, but as admin I was previously able to create/save topics in these categories and not add a tag, specifically this is a problem with the about this category topic. It seems recently something changed and now even as admin I am required to add a tag to the about topic.

I can work around this by creating a tag only visible to admins and add this to each about topic, but this seems like a messy workaround.


Yeah, we might want to bypass these description topics.

@daniel do you mind adding that to your list? we should not be requiring a tag on topics that are used to hold the description of the category.


Any progress on this? Still seems to be a problem.

It’s still on @daniel’s todo list. We’ll get it fixed.


This is still an issue, any hope to get it fixed soon?

@udan11 can you add that to your list?


Staff members already bypass this validation rule.

So it’s fixed? Is there a test as well?

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Sorry, the client side did not bypass that as the server did. I fixed it and added tests: