Remove optional tag

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I would like to force users to choose tag as mandatory when creating topics, like here on discourse. How can I achieve that? I looked at the settings but couldn’t find the option to set tags as mandatory.

Are you on a recent version?

I think you’re looking for tag groups. Maybe Creating admin using rake admin:create will help.

Check the settings of the individual categories.

I am on the latest version yes, I have created tag groups also but that didnt help. Topics are still created without tags.

Nothing about mandatory tag in the settings on individual categories, I checked since yesterday, triple checked even

See the category settings under tags

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This is what I have

Please note the “Require new topics to have tags from a tag group” option at the bottom. This is what you’re looking for.


If you don’t want to restrict it to tags from a tag group, there’s a separate setting on the „Settings“ tab.

Is it really working? I checked it and it doesn’t work. For some category I set 2 obligatory tags from specific tag cat, chosen another, but it saved the topic without a warning. Did it under admin user.

Try it from a non-admin accounts - admins can bypass several posting restrictions.