Certain topics with the word “advertising” are not accessible

Certain pages are not accessible with a direct link, or a page refresh. You are able to view it if you manually go to the forums website and guide yourself there by clicking on the topic.

The console reports the following:

The content of the post is all text.

Edit 1: After reposting 4 times of the same content, it stopped.

Are you on latest version of Discourse? I know there have been fixes around service worker stuff, which has been quite problematic for us over the last 6 months cc @tgxworld @featheredtoast

This might also be triggered by an ad blocker as well – note that “advertising” is in your URL which sometimes triggers this. Ad blockers sometimes do not handle service worker fetches with suspect URLs too well which isn’t something we can easily fix, afaik.


My current version of Discourse is v2.1.0.beta2 +382, which is said to be the latest version on the dashboard.

I do have an adblocker on, so this may sound reasonable. However, after reposting it several times of the same content, it stopped with the error. I’ll try to avoid the word “Advertising” in the future.

I managed to figure it out. If there are no preceding words from “Advertising” then the adblocker kicks in. However, if you use alternate forms such as Advertisement or have preceding words, the adblocker will not kick in.


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