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Hello :slight_smile:

As far as I’m aware, the only way to make someone an admin in a Discourse Community is by going to their profile > admin > admin (toggle yes).

My issue is I’m not being able to add new admins, since an email to approve this change is required and I’m not receiving any emails (“We’ve sent you an email to verify the new administrator. Please open it and follow the instructions.”). I assume the previous person managing the community is getting them but their work email has been deactivated.

Is there any way I can either see who’s getting these emails, or is there another way to make users admins?

Thank you in advance, much appreciated.

You can check to see who is receiving the email from your /admin/email/sent page.

Are you using a shared/inherited admin account, or one specific for you?

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Hi JammyDodger!

I had a look but I can’t seem able to find the admin>email>sent place you mention - any chance you’d be able to send a screenshot on how to get there visually?

I’m using an admin account created just for me, and with my own email address associated with my user profile

Thank you!

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Absolutely. :slight_smile: Hopefully this helps:

Though you can also add /admin/email/sent to your site’s main URL and get there directly ([YourSite]/admin/email/sent)

On that page, you can also filter for admin_confirmation_message to see just that email type.

If you’re using your own account with your own email address, those emails should be sent to you.

I think if you enable 2FA on your account it asks for the authenticator code when you grant admin rather than send a confirmation email, so that may be an alternative if you can’t find out where those emails are going.


Thank you for the screenshot Jammy! Once I filtered all the information I could see it clearly :slight_smile: It’s really odd, it’s saying the emails have been sending to me but I have never received an email from Discourse to approve admins :roll_eyes: (screenshot below) what could I be doing wrong?

If that works it would be a life-saver for the time being, until I figure out why I’m not getting those emails. How do I get to 2FA? :thinking:

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Are you receiving emails for other things? (and the classic, ‘have you checked your spam folder?’ :slight_smile:)

But you can add two-factor authentication from the Security tab of your Preferences:


If all else fails, and you have server access, you could manually grant them admin in the database.


Ah! I’m a bit embarrassed, I fell in the trap of the email goign into another folder. When I started in this job, I’d get so many emails that I think I created a rule so they all go into the ether) and instead I rather keep an eye out on the Community directly) and this email was being sent there!..

The two-factor authentication is a very good shout, hopefully once I set it up I’ll be able to do it this way too.

Thank you so much for your help, much appreciated! :slight_smile: :clap:


Don’t be.

Better to be a good admin and run the problem down to help your users than bury your head in the sand.


Thank you Eric! :slight_smile:

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