Change all the colors of a theme

I can’t figure out how to change all the colors of a theme. From “Customize / Colors” you can change the color palette but only from “primary” to “love”. There are 10 but in the file “color_definitions_***” there are many more variables. Such as --tertiary-low or --tertiary-medium!

If I edit via “Edit CSS / HTML” in my theme settings, adding all the values and editing them, in the file then they are duplicated. In the sense that the file would have 2 lists of variables but with different colors (because I would modify them). But looking at some Discourse communities, they changed the colors directly(without duplications). So there must be a way, but I can’t find it … thanks in advanc!

I know it is not the right category for this request but I have not found a better one in which to post the topic … :sweat_smile:

You can’t override those colors via the admin UI, but it can be done using a remote theme… there’s some detail about how to do so here: