How do I force the text color on a colored background

I’m trying to create a theme and here’s what my theme color shows:

I’d like to have a white text on all elements using this blue background rather than the black text chosen by Discourse.
Where can I force the text to be white?

edit: I’ve read this:

I’m creating a theme on the theme creator, I don’t think I have access to an about.json?

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I don’t think it’s possible to make a simple change that will accomplish that everywhere. How complex of a change that is would vary on which variable it is… is it secondary, tertiary, quaternary?

No you can’t edit about.json directly on the theme creator site, but you could set up a theme on git with this guide: Beginners' guide to using Theme Creator and Theme CLI to start building a Discourse theme.


Currently doing this, thanks!

It’s $tertiary and $quaternary.

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