Override values for auto-generated color variables

As of v2.3.3 (released early September) you can now override our automatically-generated SASS color variables ($primary-low, $primary-medium, etc) in remote themes (you can not yet do this directly via the admin UI.)

To override one of these colors you need to add it to the color_scheme section of your theme’s about.json file. Once you’ve done that you can see the override listed within your color scheme in /admin/customize/colors.

"color_schemes": {
    “My_colors”: {
      "primary": "000000",
      "primary-high": "333333",
      "primary-medium": "666666",
      "primary-low-mid": "999999",
      "primary-low": “cccccc”

All of our color transformations are listed in color_transformations.scss. You can also preview the colors generated in our default light color scheme on the Discourse Theme Creator.

To learn more about remote themes check out Structure of themes and theme components and Developer’s guide to Discourse Themes.