Change Date Format on Topics

Hi Guys

Is there a way to changes how dates are displayed on the Topic list - for example currently today’s date will display as Dec 06 instead of 06 Dec.

I’ve tried going to Admin > Customize > Text Content (as suggested by Show post Year? )
The date formats are set to what i want, for example:



but the date is still being displayed incorrectly (Dec 06)

I’ve tried changing the head HTML as suggested by How can an admin set the datetime format? - but no luck.

I cannot see any theme/theme components that might be causing my Text Content settings from not working…

Does anyone have any ideas?


Maybe this will help? Can current version change the date format? - #3 by simon


Cracked it - issue was the format had to be changed against English US (even though our system locale is English UK)

Thanks for poking me in the right direction


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