Changing 'MONTH DAY' to 'DAY MONTH'?

Hey everyone,

When viewing topics, the date on our Discourse is displayed in a ‘Month Day’ format.

However, here in the UK we write our dates as ‘Day Month’.

So viewing topics is sometimes incredibly confusing because ‘Oct 17’ is read / understood to simply be ‘October 2017’


I’ve been all over my admin settings and for the life of me I can’t find this option anywhere.

I did a few searches here and found a similar but different thread, which makes me suspect there may not be a way to change this…

Can anyone advise? :thinking:


In that case there will be an apostrophe. image

Here in NZ we also say day month year when writing dates but we also say Oct the 17th, so this does in fact make sense.

There is no way to change this via the UI.


There’s no apostrophe in my screen shot mate :confused:

It would probably help the issue a bit if there was :slight_smile:

That’ll explain why I can’t find the option then :cry:

Thanks for the reply @HAWK :+1:t2:

Right, sorry, d’oh - just re-read your post - I’m with you now :blush:


Ideally Discourse could ship an English (UK) locale. There shouldn’t be that many differences… :slight_smile:
You could always request it to be added to Transifex and start maintaining it there.

But for now overriding a few translations in the Admin panel should work too. Go to Customize -> Text and change the date and time formats.

The names of the relevant keys are in two files. I’ve highlighted them for you.


@gerhard just wanted to say ‘thank you’ my good man!

This has precisely solved our issue :clap:t2:

Thank you for taking the time to provide the highlighted examples.

Very grateful :bowing_man:


Had to change quite a few! This list scrolls on for another two pages :smiley:


I have the English (UK) locale requested and has been added. I have also tweaked the date settings

Need to go through the other files yet to see what else needs to be tweaked if anything but its a start :slight_smile:


Great news @mikechristopher :clap:t2:

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