Date localisation in the Discourse calendar

Is there any way to change the date format from US to UK (e.g. 25 Dec 2022, Sun 25/12) or, even better, follow the users localisation? I can’t find a way to change it in the user preferences, site or plug-in settings.
Where the month is written out it’s not really a problem but mm/dd can be confusing in the week view where the local format is dd/mm . Most of the members on the forum I run are UK based but not all, and we are open to people from any territory.

Did you see this post?

Strings are easy to update, you’re going to need to dig into the plugin to see your options there.


I didn’t come across that in my search for an answer so thanks for the heads-up. The js.dates.tiny.date_month is set to D MMM for the UK so it looks like the calendar doesn’t pick that up for wahtever reason. I could look at the plug-in in more detail but I wonder whether this should be a feature request. I’ve got a long to-do list already!

Are you referring to the ISO date format in the markdown? (YYYY-MM-DD)

These are the dates on the calendar plug-in that I haven’t found a way to change from US format. The site itself is set to the UK locale.