Change one post in topic to a PM

I can select a post within a topic and move it to a new or existing topic. I can also change it’s ownership. But, I can’t change that one post to a PM. I can change a whole topic to a PM. But, I can’t change one post to a PM.

Someone posts a reply in a topic and I want to remove it and explain why to them, privately. An easy approach is to turn that one post into a PM and then reply to it privately, outside the topic.

Have the same “change to PM” functionality available for both topics and posts.

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Why? You can split the post to a new topic, then make that new topic a PM. Done and done.

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Moving it to a new topic is a clunky non-intuitive 2-step workaround.

I could also copy the message to the clipboard, start a new PM and then paste it in… but this moderation use-case is so common it deserves to be optimised to a single convenient step.

Splitting it into a new topic also means that temporary topic has to either appear briefly within a public category (undesirable and not private), or a staff category (which is also not fully private), until it’s converted to PM.

How is it originally in a topic that is fully private?

What I often do is

  • delete the post
  • click the avatar to open the user card
  • click message

The post is one boxed / linked to, and I can comment on and discuss the post in the message that is created.

Interesting. I never use the MESSAGE option on the user card. Good to know, thanks. Can the user view the deleted post though? Haven’t tested yet.

I’d be removing the post because it’s undesirable, so moving it into a new topic that appears at the top of the new topics list isn’t great.

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Just ran into this need today as well, so consider this a vote for the feature. I’ll use the workaround for now, but I agree with @Biscuit that it would make a very useful feature.

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This feature is now implemented. Details here: