Change to the badge editing UI

Editing lots badges is currently arduous and frustrating because the input fields remain up the top while you have to scroll down to select badges. Turning off all the default badges takes a very long time for this reason.

You have to scroll down, select a badge, scroll back up to edit it, save, then scroll back down to the next one on the list.

It would be a significantly better experience if the input fields on the right scrolled down with the user.


I feel like this has been requested before, but I can’t seem to find the relevant topic. Last time this was discussed I believe the plan was to limit the height of the badge list so a scrollbar would be used, like we do with Themes/Theme Components.

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I thought I’d asked for it before but I couldn’t find the topic either.


We should just emulate the same design we use on customize / theme here, @Johani can you add this to your list? I don’t feel it is urgent or anything but it would be nice to be more consistent here


This is done per

The badge list will now have a fixed height and scroll in place and there’s an “intro section” for badges like the one we have for themes.