Change topic visibility in an admin category to public

Hello Everyone,
Is there a way to change the visibility of one topic in a specific closed category from admin to the public?
I have a category in which all the topics are visible to admins only. Now can I make one topic of this category public i.e. can be seen and replied to by everyone or a specific group of users?

Hi Abid,

You can expose any topic by using Page Publishing. However this doesn’t allow replies, as the topic still lives in the restricted area.

Alternatively, you could also make your closed catergory into a sub-category. The parent Category could have access to everyone, and the sub-category could have access only to admins. Then you still have this closed category, but also a way of exposing them for all other users by moving them into the parent Category


There is no way to do what you want other than moving the topic to another public category.

You can Publish (under the toolbox in the first topic post) the post, but that does not allow replies, it’s just a published version of the OP.

Oops, @Tris20 was a little quicker than me :grinning:


I got what you both wanted to say But here is the problem.
I have added Github repo support with my discourse platform and my repo issues and pull requests are synced with the platform. Now on the platform, I have created a category for code-based discussions and in that category, I have created categories based on different Repo names as per my GitHub. So the flow is like this.
Code-based discussions (Parent Category) -> Repo name categories (Child categories)
My Topics are in the child category and it is a closed category (Limited to admins only). I want to make any specific topic in this child category public.
If I move the topic to the parent category, Then I will not be able to track that with the repo name filter because that will be in the code-based discussions category.
I want to look for a way to make my topic public but it should stay in the same category for easy tracking purposes.

If it needs to stay in the category, perhaps an additional group could have read and reply access as their benefit? This retains the functionality of restricting topic creation to admins/top tier users.

Otherwise it looks like the immediate and partial solution of page publishing is the way to go. This would allow anyone to see the main topic, but replies are still restricted as defined in the Category security panel.

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If I add another group to the category, it will give access to all topics of that category to that group based on the settings of see, reply, and create which obviously does not solve the problem. I want to restrict people on a specific post.
I wonder why there is no option been added in the topic setting to set the audience for that particular topic

Hey Abid,

I’m afraid this isn’t going to work. Categories don’t have any per-topic permissions.

Group inboxes have more granular permissions, but afaik this can’t be made to work with those plugins.

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I guess then I have to play around with categories and tags to somehow achieve the results but I am missing this feature of setting up an audience for a particular topic.