Help! I need to make just one category public

I have an urgent need to make one category public in a private forum.

This is to communicate what our health professionals think in real time in a poll regarding an urgent COVID-19 issue, to contribute to the increasingly heated public debate.

Can anyone give me a quick rundown of any anticipated problems? I’ve read the posts on here, but as always Discourse has moved on in some fronts. My plan:

  1. Make all groups only visible to logged in users
  2. Make all other categories create, reply, see for TL_0 (or tighter), and not everyone
  3. Create Public category set at see for everyone, reply for TL-0, and post a closed topic with the poll in it.

Is this going to work? Will any user data be exposed?


From my understanding I think you have the right idea.

Your Closed Topics will need to have your current membership in groups with them being only visible to those groups.

For your Publically view Category you have a few options.

If you want folks to be able to Discuss things you can use a closed Topic or setup 2 Categories.

Parent Category

Security Setting:

  • Everyone: See
  • Group Name: Create/See/Reply


Security Setting:

  • Everyone: Create/See/Reply

I believe you can make the user list not viewable.


Thank you - the urgent need has abated. They have listened; finally.

Hot off the press - New Zealand is going into complete (Level 4) lockdown from midnight Wed 25/3/2020.

Jacinda Ardern is the best PM ever - we love you!!!


Yeah :canada: is pretty much in a full lockdown as well.