Locking the Display Name


I have set up a discourse forum that is connected to an organization. Some of the users are not following the instructions to have the display name in a certain format. (e.g. we want John D versus a nickname like DogLover.) Since we are more of a professional group, it would be great if that field was not user-defined.

Is there a way to lock down the display name where only moderators/admins can edit a user’s display name?

I do not think so, we only lock the username after a certain amount of time. Sounds like an interesting feature request for some communities.


I’ve seen a few SSO setups that work this way (not necessarily by design) so you could investigate that route.


I ended up using custom CSS to remove the display name pane from a user’s preferences panel.

    visibility: hidden;
    display: none;

It can still be edited by admins/moderators in the Admin panel when administering a user.

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