Changed domain of WordPress and Onebox

I had WordPress and Discourse connected using WP-Discourse. The domain of WordPress has changed from to So, I needed change domain of all OneBoxes made by WP-Discourse.

There is 500+ linkings so updating by hand at WordPress is not the first option.

I did

rake posts:remap["",""]
rake posts:rebake_match[""]

It did the job, mostly. But is there better way to achieve same?

However, there is two one minor things.

something we finnish call as brain fart…

I couldn’t change the text of tag’ish url for outbound link to new domain. Link itself has changed, though. So, this is just a cosmetic thing and bothers only me. If I update Discourse-linking from article itself, it changes on Discourse side.

  • should be

AAAAND… Same time i wrote that I realized that I replaced form .katiska.infobecause I wasn’t sure if I have emails somewhere that have to stay in old form. But there isn’t that leading comma. Well, I leave this to show how stupid I am :man_facepalming:

edit: Nope, I can’t change ”outboung icon” from to either.

But this is the issue:

That link goes to old domain. It doesn’t change to new one even I updated linking from WordPress. Quite few will click it after they red the article on forum, but it shows wrong, and at some point dead, link to Google.

I choosed support, not wordpress-category, because I should have ability to change such trivial thing on Discourse. But because I have no idea what I was and am doing, there is really big risk I Just Can’t Do It™.

You’re on the right track. Change the domain name or rename my Discourse? describes mostly what you did.

I’m not quite sure what link didn’t get updated. Is it on the discourse side or the WordPress side.

Sorry if this sounds totally childish and brain dead, but I’m trying lowering language barrier from my side :wink:

  • Articles from WordPress are linked to Discourse using WP-Discourse
  • WordPress got new domain (.info → .eu)
  • OneBoxes on Discourse needs change to pointing to new domain of WodPress (.info → .eu)
  • I did rake things to change .info → .eu
  • On Discourse everything else did change but not ”This is companion discussion topic…” link
  • I can’t change it even from WordPress when updating linking to Discourse
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Aha! So this is your only issue. Discourse isn’t linking to the new WordPress site. And it went from the same domain change?

""--> ""

If you edit those posts by hand, you can just change them?

Do you something that would cause the earlier remap not to cover this case?

Are you sure those did get rebaked? Can you rebuild html in the UX? (Click the … click the :wrench: click “rebuild html”)

Actually… the issue is more minor one :wink:

It is just the link in the sentence ”This is a companion discussion topic for the original entry at…”. That link doesn’t change. Not via WordPress, not when remap/rebake_match, not via rebuilding html. Everything else works nicely and I could change domain of WordPress everywhere Doscourse wide. But not that one.

And it is not only that one post, but all linked from WordPress to Discourse. I changed another WordPress-domain after that. Same happends. I can replace all other instances, but not that ”companion discuss” link.

No, I didn’t do pure rebake, because it takes so long time — and I reckon rebake_match should do the job.

I’m quite close to hide that line totally :smile:

After tags there is a icon + domain telling that topic is made by external url; that domain doesn’t change from Discourse, but yes when I update linked article on WordPress (using WP-Discourse). But that is not important one because link itself is just fine, it is just name of domain that stays.

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