Changes to email templates not saving

I have a report of someone that has been trying to update their email templates but the changes are not saving.

So far it has happened with both the Account Created and the Invite Mailer templates.

When they click “Save Changes” the “Saved!” message is returned but the changes are lost when the screen is refreshed.

It is happening in both Firefox and Safari.

I can’t repro it here or on, but @erlend_sh didn’t you deal with the same thing last week?


some similar issues here:

Yeah, I’ve encountered this and received some reports about it. I think I was able to reproduce once and then it was seemingly working again.

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@jomaxro Will you please see if you can repro it when you get a sec?

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If I’m not mistaken @erlend_sh repro’d this the other day. Will add to my list.


We need this bug fixed, @gerhard can you have a look?


I fixed this today. You should get an error when you try to save an email template with missing interpolation keys.

Bonus: Changing an email template will create an entry in the Staff Log. That didn’t happen before.

While testing this I also noticed that reverting changes to an email template or site text can result in a “translation missing” error. I think I found a solution for that as well, but I’m not comfortable merging it in until someone else from the team takes a look at it.

@Pad_Pors Unfortunately it’s currently not possible to omit interpolation keys.


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