Issues with "Signup After Approval" Email Template

Users who are approved on my Discourse install are supposed to receive an email with the contents of the “Signup After Approval” email, but instead, are receiving an email with the correct subject line, but the body contents of simply

translation missing: en.user_notifications.signup_after_approval.text_body_template

When I go to look at the contents of the email template in the Discourse settings, the contents are correct. If I try to save any edits to the “Signup After Approval” template however, an error pops up saying

Body: The following interpolation key(s) are invalid: "email_token"

This only happens with the “Signup After Approval” template, the other templates can be edited fine and also work fine with the correct information in the email.

Anyone know what’s going on here? I’m stumped!

Sounds like something’s broken. Is this a new install? Can you do a ./launcher rebuild app?

As usual, I think I worked this out about 5 min after posting the thread here.

The variable %{email_token} isn’t valid in the Signup After Approval template… so yeah. I removed that and it’s all good.