Changes to which reactions 👍 are counted as likes ❤

I think there is something that the site admins have to do if necessary. I think it is not possible to automatically change language strings to use reaction instead like if the reaction plugin is active. So I think the problem is also occur if the reaction plugin is in core because the forum admin will decide to use it or not.

Probably the solution is simply rename the like to reaction by default. Because :heart: is a reaction and this can work no matter if a forum use Discourse Reactions or not.

If there is necessary the :heart: icon in notifications, topic list item likes can be change with discourse-emojis icon if the Discourse Reactions enabled. This could be a setting in the plugin.


I was referring to how the reaction showed up (which I expected), and then a like also showed up (which was unexpected)

I mean they’re not registering that way at all in my notification log for likes/reactions, likes are the only ones that are visible there. Both can be seen normally here:

But not here:

(Note that the one from @whitewaterdeu is completely gone)


Right. That is how it is supposed to look as of now. To see reactions on your user profile you go to e.g. Likes and reactions received do not display there on the same page.


That makes sense I suppose, but what about the other two cases?


I still don’t understand. It would help if you could provide more specific written replication steps or annotate your screenshots otherwise it is hard to follow. Don’t think anything is happening here that is not by design?


In the first case:

They show up as both a reaction and a like in the notification UI (on the same tab), which is thoroughly confusing.

In the second:

They show up as likes, regardless of what the actual reaction is.

Though after just going and double checking behavior, it seems like none of these are happening anymore, perhaps they were differing by a few commits?


Clearly written replication steps would be immensely helpful. Also more specifics like what page (specific url) are you on when you see what you are not expecting to see? Without replication steps it is not going to be possible for us to pin down problems you are describing and decide what if anything we want to do about it.

Vaguely, I am thinking you are referring to the notifications page on your user profile. It’s possible that you are seeing a bug with how likes and other reactions are displayed on the “Likes” and “Reactions” sub-page there. I know that on the notification menu we “roll up” reactions and likes into e.g. “@user reacted to 5 of your posts” to not add clutter.

Screenshot 2024-02-23 at 2.58.23 PM


:person_shrugging: Just got reactions, and happened to check my notifications on the page rather than the notification menu.

Regardless, the other forums I could originally see this on, I cannot do so anymore, so… Perhaps a cache issue or version differences by a few commits?


Reading between the lines and squinting a little (or alot) I was actually able to replicate the problem you are describing. Go to and you will see the reactions and likes on the same page and there you also will see that one post is listed twice, once with a reaction and once with a heart. See my screenshot below.

This happpens when you have ?include_likes=true appended to the URL, which happens when you click on a “rolled up notification” as I explained two posts up.

I agree this is a bug and likely we should do something about it but it’s not urgent.


Ah I see, I missed this case. But yes this is a bug and needs to be fixed – we had a similar bug where reaction-likes were showing on the /notifications/likes-received URL. I will do a fix, thanks for bearing with us @Firepup650!


The issue has been fixed here:


When is this change being implemented?

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Welcome to the community Robin :tada:

This has already been implemented. If you are self hosting [1] all you need do, is upgrade the site so you’re on the latest version.

  1. if have the reactions plugin installed ↩︎


So has this been implemented in a beta release as yet? (I’m on a third party hosting provider who maintain the Discourse instance for me and keep it up to date with each beta release). My version of Discourse doesn’t seem to behaving in this way yet!

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If you are with another hosting provider then you’ll have to wait for them to update your forum.

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OK - so, just to double check, this functionality wasn’t included in the last beta release?

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The change is in the discourse-reactions plugin, so it’s not tied to core’s release schedule. Technically it was added in this commit of the plugin on 13th February. So, if you (or your hosting provider) have updated the plugin since then, you will have the change.

You can verify by looking in your site settings for the new ‘discourse reactions excluded from like’ setting. If that setting exists, then you have the new behaviour.


Thanks @david - much clearer now! :smile:


We use the gamification plugin (/admin/plugins/gamification).

Should we recalculate all scores given this change? I’m considering doing that for “all time” so that it treats all reactions (except those on the discourse_reactions_excluded_from_like list) as a like.


Removing reactions seems to break, @Firepup650’s reaction here seems to also show a like:


(he added :face_with_spiral_eyes:, reacted with it, then removed :face_with_spiral_eyes:)