Changing a category background image and saving leads to an Nginx Bad Gateway error

I was just able to reproduce this twice on a new test Discourse site.

  1. Edit a category - in this case, the category had a sub category.
  2. Go to the Images tab.
  3. Change the Category Background Image.
  4. Save and wait
  5. Discourse “crashes” for ~ 10 seconds and forwards you to an Nginx Bad Gateway error page.

Does anything pop up in logs? Are you running latest?

This sounds to me like some query is timing out, we need to figure out what and it is highly dependent on the actual data in the database.

Nope, nothing pops up in logs. I did this on an almost new vanilla Discourse instance (2GB DO install) with only ~ 5 categories and maybe a few hundred posts. I was able to repeat it multiple times. The only non-standard part of the installation was Let’s Encrypt.

Let me know if I can do anything to provide you with more debug info.