Changing admin email with no access to original email account or SSH

I have searched previous threads on this and cannot find a way to change my admin email address.

  • I have lost access to the original email account.
  • I do not have access to SSH on the server.

Please can you advise?

Just contact the other co-admin or your hosted provider.

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That’s gonna be a tough one. You do need SSH access or another admin who still has access via web.

So I can create another admin account and use that to change my original admin email - without needing to verify via my current admin email?

I’ve tried setting up an admin account and using that to change the other admin primary email. It doesn’t work. It still sends a confirmatory email to the original email address - the one I can’t access.

I think this should be considered for a feature request. It should be possible for an admin to change an email address - and for the user to only confirm the new email address.