Change E-Mail Address for a User

I have a user on my forum who used a temporary email to register their account. Lately, they wanted to change their email but couldn’t as they lost access to the temporary E-Mail which is required since it forces them to verify themselves when changing their E-Mail. Does anybody here know a way to change a user’s E-Mail without confirmation? Thanks.

If an admin changes a users email address on their behalf, there is no mail sent to the original address, only to the new address.


When I go into the admin panel, select on the user I want to change their email, then go to their preferences page to change their email, it still sends a confirmation email to the current address:


Is it possible to edit the email via the Rails Console?

Is this user an admin? If so you can remove their admin privilege, swop their email, and then re-grant admin. :+1:

It is also possible to change their email using the rails console:

did you manage to change? I have the same problem!

I found the solution! If the user is staff, remove their admin/moderation and THEN change the email on your behalf. If they arent staff, just change the email on your behalf and it will send a verification to the NEW email, not the old one.

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