Changing "Categories" to something else

Would it be possible to change “Categories” to “Departments” across the entire application?

This would affect:

  • the dropdown menu “all categories” on the front page
  • The column heading “Category” on the list of topics
  • The “Categories” tab on the front page
  • The heading “Category” on Categories - Discourse Meta
  • The heading “Categories” upon clicking the hamburger
  • etc

Basically, everywhere there is a depiction of “Category” or “Categories”


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Navigate to admin/customize/text content and search for “categor” (not a typo: this will match both “categories” and “category”). There are a whole bunch of them,but you can change them all to whatever you want.


Indeed I did that to change ‘category’ to ‘conference’. Also check with capital C…

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Thank you very much!

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Thanks for confirming what pfaffman said!