Changing colors/themes for another user does the same to you

This bug makes it so if you change a user’s theme or color pallet, it duplicates on your screen. It’s visual but highly annoying, as there’s no easy way to switch it back right now, as sometimes it just completely ignores the request.

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Hey! I’m sorry to hear about the issue with changing a user’s theme/color pallet. Is this only on Microsoft Edge or does this also happen to you on Chrome?

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I dont use Chrome, but I have the same issue on Firtefox. Edge is Chromium based.

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Yes, I can reproduce this, I thought I reported this like 6 months ago or something, but I seem to be unable to find it (so maybe I didn’t report it at all).

This happens when you act as an admin and adjust a users preferences for them.


I couldn’t reproduce this on my end but maybe the steps I took could help narrow down any common steps you and Richard are taking?

  1. I click the hamburger menu on the top right corner and select ‘Settings’
  2. I choose ‘Users’ from the horizontal menu and select any user or other Admin
  3. I click ‘Show Public Profile’ > Preferences > Interface
  4. I then select a different Theme and Color Scheme and hit ‘Save’.

It adjusts the colors on my screen before I click save but after when the page refreshes it reverts to what it should be for that account. I tried as an owner and as an admin account. I also tried using Pixlz’s theme, Chrome, FireFox, and Microsoft Edge.

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Can I see the forum you’re using? It might be forums possibly, not sure. Me and Richard can reproduce, but you cant

I was on for reference, @RGJ what forum were you on?

I am on
Sorry if it looks bare. I am still ramping up!

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Alright, I made an account under @test. Try change my theme and colors, and tell me what happens on your end and I will follow up with what happens on my end.

I’m on a lot of forums. But I can repro this in Firefox and Chrome on this mornings tests-passed.
I am logged in as user Communiteq and I am modifying the profile of system here:


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Weird. You and @jessiinoslen are on almost blank forums. but only you can reproduce.

I can reproduce on a forum which is extremely build up.

This does sound like she can reproduce it?

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Once you click ‘Save’ on the users Interface page, and the page refreshes, does it keep the changed color/themes to the admin account as well as the user account or does it revert back to the set theme for the admin? From the video @Pixlz posted, it looks like even when the page refreshes it keeps the color and theme for the admin.

Sort of, my theme also resets which is extremely strange.

Agree, this is surprising, we should have an extra check to ensure you are the actual user prior to fiddling with the current screen.

We will get this sorted over the next 4 or so weeks.


Looks like the issue is even bigger. I already have a draft PR for a similar issue on the user interface page. I think it will affect the UI when you change the theme too. I’m going to work on it this week.


I fixed the original issue reported on this topic. Next, I will work on my existing draft PR.