Changing topic_excerpt_maxlength does not update existing excerpts automatically

  • I change topic_excerpt_maxlength to a different value.
  • Existing topic excerpts are not updated
  • When I make changes to an existing pinned topic, the excerpt is updated

I guess it would also work re-baking all excerpts on the server. But the setting not having an immediate effect is confusing for community managers.


I think that’s a good guess.

Having a setting change start a rebake of a million posts might also be confusing. And it’s not that confusing since you already knew the answer. :slight_smile:


No, a client brought it up. It was confusing to them that changing the setting did not change the excerpt lengths. It was even more confusing when I brought up posts being baked and rebaked… :innocent:


Maybe I’m wrong.

I think other settings that require a rebake include such a note in the description. Some other changes rebake posts a few at a time.


I’ve slipped this over to ux as I think it’s working as intended. I think a change to the setting description could make this clearer though. It’s currently:

topic excerpt maxlength - Maximum length of a topic excerpt/summary, generated from the first post in a topic.

We do have this on a couple of similar ones - ‘If you change this, you must rebake all posts with: “rake posts:rebake”’, though I don’t know if we could improve on that while we’re at it?

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