Rewriting categories URL; Will it make future problems?

I want to rewrite URL of categories via nginx, this way: -->

Will it make next problems during future updates or something else?
Is there any better replacement method?

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Yes, this will cause problems, erm, everywhere. I suggest not doing it.

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I thought it will make problems related to CEO!
Can you illustrate, @riking? I don’t have any idea what kind of problems will be happened.

You mean SEO? Compared to other forum software, Discourse does a good job with following proper SEO url practices out-the-box. It looks like you’re trying to make the url shorter but in the end, google’s algorithms look for the following:

  1. Original Content.
  2. Trust & Identity.
  3. Authority of the site’s subject.
  4. Visitor receptivity (low bounce rate; links elsewhere that point to your site, ect.)

You should be “worried” more about the content on your pages than the technical semantics.

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Yeah, I was talking about problems in the sense of “not working”, not SEO snake oil bullshit.

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Aye, was replying to @reaon with the possible “CEO” typo and clear up that specific tidbit if they are a victim to said snake oil indoctrination propaganda practices.

What kind of problems? plz

For one, Routing.

Changing the URL format of HTTP requests is likely to result in a lot of “Not Found” errors.

Don’t think of them so much as “addresses” identifying locations, but more like instructions on “how to get something”

Rewriting in the manner of redirecting! You request for and it is translated as for the CMS by the web server, here Nginx. Why should we get a 404 error?!

Routing exists in 2 spots, on the server and on the client

A rewrite on the server without doing the needed work on the client will result in stuff breaking

This is beyond your skill level and will cause problems.