Changing owner doesn't give editing permissions

Hi !

I got a problem on my Discourse : I changed the owner of a topic, it changed correctly the owner, but the new owner can’t edit the topic.

Is it a parameter to enable / a recently fix / somthing to do or is it a bug ?

Thanks a lot.

There was a bug with this a while ago, are you on latest?


No. I have some HDD issues, so I need to clean the installation. I will do this tomorrow, so I will check if the issue has been fixed.

Thanks ! :slight_smile:

Hi !

I take some time to update my Discourse, but there’s always the bug.
I’m currently on the latest version. I change owner on the post to me and re-change the owner to an user (to force a possible update of post), but no changes since last time : the user cannot edit the post.

Some new ideas ?

Pretty sure this has been fixed a whiiiile ago.