Changing Ownership of "About the ? category"


I am experiencing some difficulties changing the ownership of a topic to another user. I have done this successfully before but it doesn’t appear to be responding at the moment. Initially I was using my mobile, but I am now using my laptop and experience the same issue.

  • Select Change Ownership
  • Enter the username (tested both with and without the @ character, and matching case)
  • Attempt to click the Change Ownership button

Moving the mouse over the button displays a red, “no entry” icon. I am uncertain whether the username field is supposed to prompt the selective search or just “trust” the value entered. In either case, nothing happens.

Hosted solution -

Thanks in advance for any help. :slight_smile:

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FWIW, I just tested on an instance that I updated today and it worked.

That’s strange. I just tested that on my dev site and had no issues changing the ownership of the “About this category” topic to another user.

Can you PM me the category and user you wish to change the ownership to so I can look into this on your site?


Thanks for the prompt response.

How odd that it’s behaving differently.

PM’ing details now :slight_smile:

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I just realized I couldn’t do it either. Actually I can’t change ownership for any post at all: when I type in the new username, nothing happens and the confirmation button stays greyed out.

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@_vincent, do you use Discourse hosting or do you self host? If you self host simply update to latest (/admin/upgrade) as this has been fixed on latest. If you’re on our hosting, we are deploying the fix to our customers, so sit tight for a short while.


The fix has been deployed.


Many thanks to yourself and all involved :slight_smile:


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