Changing ownership of "Welcome" post from "system"

Is it possible to do this?

I have a feeling (but am not sure) that it was my main username after the first edit, but after hiding various revisions it reverted to “system”.

I have changed “site contact username” from system.

Is there any magic to the post? Or can I just delete it and write a new one?


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Did you try this?


Two very similar icons put a spanner in the works!

  1. One is dark grey on a light grey background, for “topic actions”.
  2. The other, light grey on white, and visible after clicking “…”, is for “post admin actions”.

If I had added more test posts I suspect that the difference would have been obvious.

Your post prompted me to realise that my context menu was very different, and to click “…”, so thank you for that. It works.


Further confusing the issue is the fact that “change ownership” is also available under the topic wrench menu -> Select posts -> pick posts from a single author.


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